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pagePhoto contactusJACO Manufacturing Company has been built on a reputation of customer service, practical applications experience and innovative engineering. We manufacture a number of products for the plastics industry including:

* Custom molded and insert molded parts up to 20 oz with unmatched repeatability, and offer a wide range of materials including high performance resins. JACO's in-house mold design, tooling and production ensure high quality.

* A full line of JACO plastic compression fittings, which typically cost less than metallic fittings and are available in four different resins for various corrosion-resistance requirements. All common configurations are available in 1/8" through 7/8" tube O.D. sizes including metric sizes. Assembly is fast and easy with JACO's sure-grip design.

To ensure top performance from all our products, we utilize a continuous improvement philosophy in all our systems throughout the organization. JACO's unique in-house capabilities are your assurance of quality parts, timely service and competitive pricing.

Our past reputation for excellence has laid the groundwork for our operations today. We maintain a commitment to continually enhance and improve the high quality of our products. We look forward to serving all your injection molding needs.

Stephen C. Campbell

Joseph Coatter